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From the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Ontario

What is a CONCUSSION? – Understanding the SCIENCE behind a head injury.

From the Government of Canada

“Sport and physical activity play a significant role in the lives of many Canadians – from creating a sense of belonging and community, to producing tremendous health and emotional benefits. To increase sport participation and active lifestyles, we need to work towards reducing the incidence and impact of serious injuries and keep sport safe.

The Government of Canada recognizes that too many individuals experience concussions during sport and recreation activities, sometimes with tragic outcomes. Concussions in sport are a recognized public health issue because of their frequency and their potential short- and long-term consequences.”

From Hockey Eastern Ontario

Information for Coaches and Parents from Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO) regarding Returning to PLAY following CONCUSSION and SIGNIFICANT INJURY.

PDF Documents:

*any NDMHA player citing or experiencing CONCUSSION or SIGNIFICANT INJURY symptoms must follow 
Return to Play Protocols outlined by Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO).